The final answer to this health concern

  • Discover the five reasons why THIS coffee is the best
  • Could a national newspaper be in total agreement?
  • Here’s how to make the healthiest choice to start your day – click for more information*

Preparing to write a newsletter is now a well established routine.

I give the dog a chew bone which ensures that I don’t get pestered for at least an hour, I make a pile of toast with plenty of honey and I put a filter pot of coffee on.

Of late I enjoy some of the rather excellent CBD infused blend* that you can find on my special CBD shop.

This is both a perfect pick me up (and let’s be honest we all need that at the start of the day) and a fantastic health boost which confusingly helps me calm down…


“Hold on a minute Ray!” I hear you cry.

“How can something stimulate you and relax you at the same time?”

It might sound as though I am talking at odds with myself here, but bear with me and all will become clear – I promise.

First I need to deal with a related issue that I encountered when I did my daily scan of the news sites.

I came across a piece on the Daily Mail website which asked the question – “How healthy is your cup of coffee?”

Now given that I was slurping my way through my first delicious mug of my steaming brew I thought this was a direct challenge!

I found myself shouting at the screen. “You better believe it buster, this is the best that there is!”

Why this coffee really is the best

To make my case I began to list out the reasons why my brew was absolutely the finest of health tonics;

  • It is 100% Arabica bean. This is important because it means it has the absolute lowest levels of potentially damaging acrylamide in it, the compound which has been linked to cancers.
  • Our blend is made 100% from beans grown in Columbia, and this is also important in finding low acrylamide levels.

If the beans are grown in temperate and humid conditions they will have incredibly low levels. Thus Columbia is recognised as producing not only the finest quality coffees in the world, but as a result of its typical temperature range of between 8 and 24oC, long growing season and the altitude it is the perfect place for healthy coffee to come from.

  • It is a medium roast rather than the dark roast beans which contain much more acrylamide.

A medium roast is the perfect solution as it hasn’t been exposed to high temperatures but has been given the chance to develop the full flavour profile of the bean.

  • I make mine using an old fine paper filter jug, which is both pleasing to the eye and the nose as it fills the house with beautiful coffee aromas, but there is another key reason why this is essential to great and healthy brews.

Acrylamide concentrates in the grind around the particles within it, thus the fewer ‘bits’ we get in the finished drink the lower the levels in your mug.

French Presses or Cafetieres are a popular way to make the perfect tasting morning or evening coffee and even look stylish on the table, but they do allow small amounts of particles through.

A better way to make your favourite drink is to use a paper filter as this prevents even the finest grit and dust into your mug.

  • Lastly (at this point I was counting off the arguments on my fingers) it contains pure, THC free cannabidiol extract and by now we all know how fantastic CBD is for our bodies helping relieve pain, lower blood pressure, calm anxiety and boost energy levels so why not combine it with a healthy drink to make taking it a fully pleasurable experience.

Safe in the knowledge that the removal of the THC fraction of the cannabis extract means that you won’t hallucinate or get hooked on it, for those children of the Sixties who have been this way before!

Hah! Tell me that I’m wrong in any of that Daily Mail!

It’s time you made the switch to CBD infused Columbian ground coffee*.

So did they agree?

Having wiped the spittle from my beard (another sign of ageing so I am told) I sat down, had another long drag on my coffee mug and proceeded to read the rest of the article.

They said the way coffee is brewed makes all the difference to how healthy it is, concluding that filter coffee gets the accolade as the healthiest with a four star rating.

What a letdown!

I had considered so much more in my brief rant – yet another job half done by the fourth estate.

As a further insult to injury they gave instant coffee a five star rating… I don’t think so.

If you fancy having a peek at this story you can find it here.. but please make sure that you don’t buy instant coffee instead of something really authentic and truly delightful*.

Now, dear reader many thanks for bearing with me…

So, how can a coffee be a stimulant and a relaxant? The question I left you with earlier in the piece.

To answer this we need to look at the body as a series of interconnected systems rather than a simple balance machine.

If you have an image of your emotions and energy levels as a seesaw with high on one side and low on the other then you are missing a really important part of our physiology.

We can generate energy which is used to build stress and worry or alternatively it gets devoted to sharpening our responses and allowing us to see what we need to do with clarity.

Similarly relaxation can be a facet of fatigue and low mood or it can be a restorative and healing energy.

Guess how CBD infused coffee works?

You got it – you feel alert, clear headed and capable and at the same time loose, lithe and untroubled… how does that sound as a start to a day?

Join me with this fantastic, natural and delicious way to launch into any task the day has for you… a shopping trip, getting the garden into shape or writing a newsletter!

CBD Coffee – more information here*