New survey reveals a big problem with cannabis oil

  • Why anxiety is a mental health problem with serious physical effects 
  • New survey reveals a big problem with cannabis oil 
  • How to improve your sleep, boost concentration and ease chronic pain

Alex McMillian is a 24-year old who struggles with anxiety.

It’s been plaguing him since he was a teenager.

“Depending on how bad my anxiety was,” he says, “I wouldn’t go out with my friends. I would tend to shut people out because I thought no one understood.”

According to Anxiety UK there are three million anxiety sufferers in the UK. Some people who don’t understand the disorder simply think it just means that you tend to ‘worry too much’ and you can just ‘snap out of it’.

But it’s not something you can easily control.

Anxiety develops in your amygdala, the bit of your brain that deals with emotional responses.

Normally anxiety is a good thing because it’s your body’s way of responding to an emergency, preparing you to either fight or flee with surges of adrenaline and cortisol.

However, with an anxiety disorder this response persists, day after day, in situations that don’t require the fight or flight response.

The body becomes flooded with stress hormones, which cause panic, worry, shaking, dizziness, shallow breathing and difficulty concentrating.

The problem can be crippling, leading to poor relationships, bad sleep and an inability to concentrate.

Anxiety also has serious physical side effects, including digestive problems, increased risk of getting infections, as well as disruption to your cardiovascular, urinary, and respiratory systems.

So it’s something that, if you put up with it long term, will damage your health as well as your social life.

But there is something you can do…

How this 24-year old conquered his anxiety

I was reading about Alex McMillian in an online article, in which he revealed that he is one of the many people who have found relief through cannabis oil (CBD).

For the previous six years he’d been trying to control his anxiety through drugs prescribed by his GP but didn’t notice much difference. He also went to therapy sessions but the problem wasn’t going away.

It was only when he tried cannabis oil that he found a significant breakthrough.

“After taking it, I felt calm without any side effect,” he told The Manchester Evening News. “At work, I now have confidence and the focus to actually get stuff done… my personal relationships have now also benefitted. CBD easing my anxiety has made me a better person – I’m more available to people, better at my job, a better family member.”

That’s quite an endorsement, isn’t it?

No wonder that the latest surveys by Dynata and YouGov show that between four and six million UK adults have tried CBD.

It’s not just a treatment for anxiety, of course. It can help you sleep better, boost your concentration and ease chronic pain, as well as reducing muscle aches after physical activity. Over time it can help lower your risk of stroke, heart disease, diabetes and high blood pressure.

But while he’s a strong supporter of CBD, Alex McMillian is concerned that the massive amount of interest in it are leading to subpar products on the market.

A recent study tested thirty products in the UK and found that 38% contained less than half of the CBD content advertised.

And there’s another problem too…

Why the public don’t yet understand CBD

Neuroscientist Dr Edward Jones has carried out a new study of 2,000 adults and discovered that over three quarters of people are confused about what CBD actually is and what it does.

Many think it’s like marijuana, with the same legal status. It isn’t, because it doesn’t contain THC – the compound that gets people ‘high’.

Just to make it crystal clear: you’re perfectly allowed to take CBD oil and people are allowed to sell it.

A whopping 80% of the responders thought the effect of taking CBD was like smoking cannabis (because there is no THC, it’s nothing like it) and half said they’d look unfavourably upon someone who was using it.

This is terrible, because they’re totally misjudging a natural remedy that nobody should feel ashamed to try.

Whatever your views on psychoactive recreational drugs, this has nothing to do with getting stoned or tripping out. You won’t see hallucinations, talk nonsense for hours or get the munchies.

In my view, this ‘druggy’ stigma of cannabis oil has to go because the benefits of CBD are extraordinary, particularly for the 28 million people affected by chronic pain in Britain.

Dr Jones said his research showed that there was a lot of misinformation and misunderstanding about CBD which was preventing people from taking it.

He said, “The evidence supporting CBD is growing everyday with new studies and findings.”

What’s more, this natural remedy doesn’t come with the nasty side effects of many drugs for pain and anxiety. Even the World Health Organisation has confirmed that CBD oil is safe and not addictive.

If you’d like to know more about it, and order a high-quality CBD oil, visit our page and you can trial it to see the effects before you make any commitment.

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