CBD Coffee: I’m bowled over by this, so delicious

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  • The coffee with a surprising twist
  • A really tasty way to get a CBD fix every morning – and the price is now LOWER!
  • Try it out for 35 days with your money back if you don’t find it delicious or notice tangible benefits to your mood, pain levels or anxiety Click here for more

It’s one of the perks of writing this newsletter.

I get to try all the wonderful stuff that our product research team comes across.

And boy do they put the legwork in!

Trade shows… exhibitions… Facebook Groups… YouTube channels… newsletters… transatlantic zoom calls… phone interviews with CEOs and product developers.

They’re lurking everywhere in the natural health world, constantly on the hunt for innovative supplements, lotions, remedies, gadgets, foods and drink.

We are all about finding ethical products that deliver the nutritional goodness they promise – unlike so much of the rubbish that’s on the supermarket shelves and in health chainstores.

One of the items that’s become an absolute MUST in the Collins household (since the Good Life team discovered it) is this amazing CBD coffee.

Basically, this has all the aromatic loveliness of your usual morning coffee…

But with a twist…

Because it also gives you a dose of cannabis oil in every cup, which has been linked to all kinds of wonderful health benefits.

Socially responsible and ethically sourced

Our CBD coffee certainly ticks all the boxes when it comes to ethics, as this is Rainforest Alliance-approved and from sustainable and socially responsible Colombian sources.

Packaged in the UK, it is legal and fully tested too.

Furthermore, I’m totally won over by this coffee because it tastes so delicious and allows me to avoid the usual hassle (and ickiness) of dropping oil onto my tongue every day.

So if you’ve not tried it yet, why not take up this 35 day trial?

You can get a bag of CBD coffee delivered to your home… drink it at your leisure… and if you’re not happy for any reason, return the empty package and get a full refund.

And here’s the clincher…

We have negotiated a deal with the manufacturers that means the price is now LOWER for Good Life Letter readers.

To order some, click here and we’ll do the rest!

Get your cannabidiol without the oily experience

I know a lot of readers baulk at the oil dropper version of CBD because they don’t like the taste.

So if that includes you and you also love your daily coffee, then this might be a marriage made in heaven.

You simply brew this up just like a regular cuppa, once a day, and it will give you a dose of CBD without you thinking any more about it.

The bag contains 100mg of CBD carried in coconut oil, which works out at about 10mg per day – however it’s not a problem if you drink more than that.  You won’t put yourself at any risk.

The cannabidiol, or CBD, in the coffee is extracted from cannabis plants using the gold standard supercritical CO2 extraction method. It is then tested and certified by one of the best cannabinoid testing facilities in Europe.

Testing is important because it ensures the highest quality standard and that all the THC is removed (the compound that makes people high). So it’s safe to drink and go about your daily business unaffected!

And while legislators are strict on what health benefits can be claimed regarding CBD there are many who claim that they’ve experienced pain relief and lowered anxiety levels.

However, if you don’t feel any change in your health or anxiety levels, then send back the packaging and you can have all the money back.

There’s another benefit too…

Avoid the unhealthy ingredient that lurks in dark roasts!

There is a compound in many coffees that can become intensified during the high heat used in roasting processes.

This is known as ‘acrylamide’.

It has been identified by the UK Food Standards Agency as potentially being linked to a higher risk of cancer, while prolonged exposure to high concentrations can damage the human nervous system.

It isn’t necessarily a problem for coffee drinkers because you won’t consume nearly enough – although it’s worth avoiding if it’s possible to have a nice coffee without it.

So you can rest assured that this CBD coffee has the absolute minimum of acrylamide in it.

That’s all thanks to the choice of coffee beans and the slow roasting method that’s used to produce it without impacting on the taste.  Plus, adding CBD gives you a whole other level of goodness.

I really do recommend it. But you don’t have to take my word for how good it is.

I know that we all have different tastes in coffee.

So this is why the trial could be the perfect opportunity to test it without risking your money.

For more information, take a look at this: CBD Coffee Trial Offer