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Why this CBD coffee is great news

Best CBD Coffee

Read about the very latest research into coffee drinking Could this daily drink be an answer to common health issues? Find out why you should be changing a daily habit – click here for details “Drinking coffee is good for the heart, a new scientific study suggests.” So began the first sentence in an article in The Sun last week….
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How this lady remedies her pain and grief

An amazing letter from a reader about her experiences with CBD  The oil that can treat pain, epilepsy, anxiety and insomnia  Men! This new research reveals a benefit of drinking coffee that you might not have thought about A few weeks ago I wrote to you about cannabis oil, otherwise known as CBD. This natural remedy is new to most…
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These health benefits cannot be ignored…

WARNING: Controversial opinion alert My take on the cannabis story Worried about Alzheimer’s, M.S, arthritis pain, chronic pain, epilepsy, or anxiety? This could be important… A quick warning before you read on… Controversial opinion alert! You may not agree with this but I’m here to give you my honest, upfront views on the latest health issues, so I hope you…
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Can you really have too much of a good thing?

Discover how drug safety is assessed – it’s quite lethal  Could this newsagents favourite be a real hidden danger  This is why you can’t overdose on CBD Calculating the safety of medicines is a rather crude science. Effectively they work out the effective dose as being that which cures 50% of those that take it (ED) and the lethal dose…
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Why UK pain sufferers don’t deserve this

I’m no conspiracy theorist but this is iffy  UK pain sufferers are desperate for CBD and yet they’re not getting the natural medicine they need  Why Big Pharmas want you to pay more for pain relief I’m not a big conspiracy theorist. You won’t find me in a tinfoil hat, going on about faked moon landings, dead Martians in government…
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