About Us

Nature’s Shield was founded by health writer and researcher Ray Collins to research, source and manufacture the highest quality natural remedies and food supplements available, and he has a wide range of products available from the main website.

What became apparent to Ray very early on was that there was a lot of information and misinformation about CBD products in the market, and he initially found it difficult to pick his way through the confusion.

So, Ray created this site to prevent anyone else having to suffer!

Here you will find a collection of very high quality and carefully sourced CBD product that he believes truly represents value for money.

Sure you can find cheaper versions of all of these on the internet and High Street, but don’t be fooled into thinking that they are the same as the products featured here.

Cheap does not mean value for money in the natural remedy market and many other sellers will rely on a lack of information to try to claim that all CBD products are equal – they are not.

Extracts of CBD from Cannabis Sativa plants need to be carefully managed, delicately processed and intelligently formulated otherwise you will not get all the good things you want, and ensure you get none of the bad things you want to avoid. Don’t forget you get FREE postage and packing on all orders over £15 in the UK.

These processes have to be carried out sympathetically with the complex organic fractions in the plant otherwise the health benefits will be destroyed – then if you take them you will just be wasting your money.

Getting the best out of your purchase means getting the best in your purchase.

We guarantee that each of the products featured on this site is the best, and if you find that they don’t work for you we also guarantee that we will give you your money back, in full, even if you have used most of the product.

You can buy from us with complete confidence and in the full knowledge that you will be getting the highest quality product you can buy.

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